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The Bruce Mansion
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Caught Electronic Voice Phenomenon

"I don't remember... they were killed" - File Download
Recorded on second floor of the mansion.

"Follow the Blonde" - File Download
Voice mimics back after one visitor. Chime added to introduce EVP section.

"Died" - File Download
Investigator asked "did anything happen in this basement... this cellar?" to receive a response.

The Bruce never seems to disappoint with its share of ghostly encounters. Shortly after the Waite’s first acquired the home, they were introduced to its ethereal residents. Candy was working on the home one evening when she noticed a young woman in a long dress and a yellow bonnet approach the property. The woman was pretty and proper, but one of the striking features was her long slender neck. As she approached the front porch, she disappeared. Later when the Waite’s acquired an old photograph of the house, Candy was startled to be looking once more at her female visitor.

One of the most reported ghosts though is that of a little girl. No one has identified her, but she has shown up in photographs and strange phenomenon sometimes occurs when people search for her. This includes EVP recordings becoming garbled and small objects being moved.

The house also has its share of non-human entities. A ghost cat has been encountered a few times on the main floor. It has the habit of brushing pants legs. Then there is the creature that lurks in the basement. While it has not been seen like the cat, it certainly has been heard. People report hearing growls from the one basement corner. Perhaps, it is the companion to the man that is sometimes seen in the coal room nearby.

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